HDC works with you and your team to create a bespoke product based on your organisation's needs and capacities. We understand that these needs will evolve and we will evolve with you.

All kinds of natural, human and accidental disasters are possible. HDC carries expertise in:

  • Natural disasters (earthquake, flood, hurricanes, severe lightning, tsunami)

  • Fire

  • Power failure beyond 24 hours

  • Major security incidents (civil disturbance, sabotage, terrorism)

  • IT infrastructure failure beyond 24 hours

  • Gas leak/Explosion

  • Structural failure

  • Country or regional health emergencies (e.g. SARS/Bird Flu)

  • Legal, regulatory, or other scenarios that have potential negative impact on the reputation of the organisation.

Business continuity and disaster management are key parts of any business and often required by law. HDC will ensure your organisation satisfies all requirements, including the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

Reach out the the HDC team at info@hainesdc.ky to get your bespoke quote today